Ani Aprahamian

Professor Ani Aprahamian is the director of A. Alikhanyan National Laboratory of Armenia and a Frank M. Freimann professor of Physics at the University of Notre Dame. 

She is an experimental nuclear scientist interested in the origins of the heavy elements in the universe and the evolution of structure in neutron rich nuclei.

Outside of her research, she has strong interests in the applications of nuclear science to energy and medicine.

  • Aprahamian has served as a program director at the NSF, Mathematical and Physical Sciences Division in Nuclear and Particle Astrophysics, and Nuclear Physics.
  • She has been a member of the Nuclear Science Advisory Committee and a member of several Long-range Plan Committees.
  • She has been chair of American Physical Society’s (APS) Division of Nuclear Physics, and as a member of the APS Policy Committee.
  • She has served on various committees of the United States National Science Academies giving advice to funding agencies on launching new projects, most recently, as co-chair of the Academies study of the Science of the EIC (2018), the decadal review of nuclear physics (NP2010: released in 2012).
  • She is a fellow of the APS (1999), and the AAAS (2008).
  • She is an elected foreign member of the Science Academy of the Republic of Armenia.
  • She is on the JINR Scientific Council of Dubna (Russian Federation), the GSI-GAIR project (Germany), SPIRAL-II (France),  and the FRIB project in the USA.  

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