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Время: 30 , Июль

День: Вт

Время: 14:00 - 17:00

Опубликовано 11/07/2019АнглийскийВоркшоп
Продолжительность: 3 часа

All successful startups begin with a good team, and Nune Magoyan is here to teach you how to make your team invincible.  The Managing Director of MConexus with her team, will deliver the dos and don'ts of team building at Sevan Startup Summit 2019.

Nune Magoyan is an executive and leadership coach, based in Geneva, Switzerland. With her support and guidance, professionals, teams and organizations unlock their potential and become better in what they are doing.

Nune is professionally trained and experienced to deliver top industry assessments, tools and holds several certifications. Nune delivers seminars and workshops on leadership, coaching, emotional intelligence, communication, conflict and change management, with real-life examples from her coaching and other professional experiences case studies.

MConexus is an executive coaching company specialized in improving efficiency and effectiveness of senior managers to meet and exceed expectations in their current roles or who are in career transition. It’s interventions are designed to enhance self-awareness and unique strengths. Based on specific needs and coaching outcomes, MConexus also offers tailor-made executive training and organizational development consulting services.

Nune Magoyan

Nune is professional executive and leadership coach for high-level and C-suite executives and teams. She is also known for blending coaching and instructing to unlock the true potential of teams in organizations large and small. Here are few topics Nune addresses: leadership, emotional intelligence, communication, conflict and change management, negotiation, power and politics in organisations, effective team and organizational performance, etc., with real-life-result examples.

Apart from her commercial clients, Nune has worked with several Educational sector organizations and Health Care Sector institutions (respectively, since 2016 and 2018 and with the great support of local partners). She has initiated and organised with colleagues, the 1st International Coaching Week in Armenia, 2019.  


Nune is co-founder of the Switzerland-Armenia Chamber of Commerce and serves on it’s Executive Board, overseeing the Information Technologies’ sector. She is 2011 winner of the prestigious award of PMI Switzerland Chapter on Innovative Project Management as member of TigerDevSA team. Nune is now the managing director at Magoyan CoNexus (mconexus.com). 

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14:00 - 17:00



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Севан, Армения


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