Ashot Sarkissian

Ashot Sarkissian, MD, PhD, Professor

  • Head of Division of Nephrology and Director of Pediatric Programs, Arabkir Medical Center in Yerevan 
  • Chairman of Paediatric Department of Yerevan State Medical University

Ashot has graduated from Yerevan State Medical Institute and completed his residency in Pediatrics at the Children’s University Hospital in Yerevan. He completed his fellowship in the field of pediatric nephrology at the Institute of Pediatrics in Moscow, Russia. 

Dr. Sarkissian had professional training in the field of pediatric nephrology at the University Children’s Hospital of Zurich (Switzerland). Since 1993 he is the one of main active persons who constituted the basis of long-term partnership program with University Children’s Hospital of Zurich. He had training in nephrology, hypertension, dialysis and kidney transplantation at the University Hospital of Antwerp (Belgium). As a result, living kidney donor transplantation regular program has been established in Armenia.

Dr. Sarkissian is teaching pediatric nephrology at the National Institute of Health (Yerevan, Armenia). In 2006 he has become a Full professor of Paediatrics and a Chairman of Paediatric Department at the Yerevan State Medical University and contributed to the reformation of pediatric education in Armenia.

He is a member of European Society on Pediatric Nephrology, International Pediatric Nephrology Association, International Society of Nephrology (ISN), Swiss Society of Nephrology, Armenian Physician Association of Nephrology, Hemodialysis and Transplantation (President), Armenian Pediatric Association (President).

He has 78 full papers (14 in international journals) and editor of the Textbook on Pediatric Nephrology (in Russian).

He and his collaborators are very active in Sister Renal and Transplant Center programs of ISN having permanent partners including Antwerp University Hospital (Belgium), Guy’s Hospital (London, UK), Bern University Hospital (Switzerland)

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