Gevorg Yaghjyan

Dr. Yaghjyan is a skillful physician educator who is experienced as a leader in healthcare. He is a specialist in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery who in addition to his own full-time surgical practice in an academic environment, is a consultant to many leading general and sub-specialty surgical centers in Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh.

Dr. Yaghjyan’s proficiency as an academician includes experience as the Vice Dean for Postgraduate and Continuing Medical Education at Yerevan State Medical University from 2007-2011 (YSMU).

There are many expert reconstructive surgeons currently practicing both in Armenia and abroad who claim their skill as a result of training under Dr. Yaghjyan.

  • His superior teaching qualities have resulted in being the recipient of 2010 Gold Medal for“Excellence in Teaching” from Yerevan State Medical University coinciding with the 90th anniversary of YSMU.
  • He was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to attend Yale University in 2008 but had to postpone his participation because of academic professional duties in YSMU.
  • In 2013 he was again awarded a Fulbright Scholarship for Boston University Medical School.

Dr. Yaghjyan has served as Director of Medical Programs at the National Competitiveness Foundation of Armenia. He was also the Acting Director of the Isotope Production Center in Armenia from its groundbreaking point in 2011 to its completion in 2015.

Dr. Yaghjyan is known to be an expert in facilitating academic and professional networking. He has mobilized investments, and lead multinational teams to resolve multiple and complex tasks in most challenging environments

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