Quality Testing Lab

Quality Testing Lab is one of the leading companies in Armenia offering full range of cost effective software testing services to startups and long established companies from different industries. We can also help you improve your overall development process by offering consulting services and assisting you with test planning, test execution and other management related issues throughout the product development life-cycle.
Quality Testing Lab has brought together specialists from different industries. Combining their professional techniques and best practices we offer testing services as Functional testing - Usability testing; - User interface testing; - Cross-browser testing; - Multi-platform testing; - Localization testing; - Regression testing; - Mobile testing; - Game testing; - Black-box testing; - Internet banking systems testing; - Exploratory testing; - Performance testing; - Security testing; - Automated testing and others.
We can help you optimize quality, performance and reliability across your software projects.
If you are interested to know how, get in touch with us!

info@fob.am 01/09/2019

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