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Founded in 2008, Cascade Consultants grew into one of a leading Human Capital Management (HCM) service provider in Armenia and continues to develop by expanding its work in the region.  Our passion for innovation, change, progress and outstanding results fostered a culture that is never satisfied with anything less than the best.

In 2016, evolved into Cascade People & Business, we distinguish our solutions for two domains: we work with Business and we work with People who never stop learning new, aiming high and dreaming big.

Cascade for People:

Our development programs open doors to unlimited possibilities of growth, enhancement of professional and personal skills and help to find a path to a dream career within a company or at the stage of job transition.

  • We offer a range of certificate programs in Human Capital Management and Personal & Social Skills development available for company employees and other interested individuals.
  • Our exclusive, internationally recognized professional certification in Human Capital Management and Coaching in partnership with HR Certification Institute (HRCI) and Ericson Coaching International will take your career to the next level and make you competitive in the increasingly demanding job market.

Cascade for Business:

We offer our clients the most up to date, advanced and innovative solutions to the challenges they face in the area of Human Capital Management. Our rich expertise will translate into your growth, our commitment to best results and detail oriented approach will ensure your confidence in your HCM function.

  • Our complex reengineering will align your HCM with your business strategy and make your human potential work towards your business goals. Our complex audits will identify the gaps in your HCM function and help you align your company with local and international standards.
  • Let our professionals handle the meticulous work of HR administration, payroll and recruitment and we will help you to significantly reduce your costs, ensure timely processing, be always assured of legal compliance and having the right people in the right place.

What matters in our task is to bring change: that is to design an appropriate strategy which leads to the farseeing result. Result that will play a significant role in the real progress. Our guiding star is being true to our principles, to what we believe in and to our professional code of honor.

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