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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


That's a good question. Skill is a website focused on partnership with the trainers, training companies and other educational formats in order to gather in one convenient place the best teachers, trainers and masters of their craft to be able to offer you a wide range of events on the acquisition and development of skills.
It's easy! Click on the Register button in the top menu of the website and register in a way, which is more convenient for you. If you know an easier way, please suggest us one and we will do our best to implement them on our website. Please be sure to read the terms of use of the site. This will make the process of using it more enjoyable and understandable.
Skill is not a training company, but we co-operate with many event organizers, in order to constantly offer you the best trainings, seminars, master classes, lessons, courses and other events on the acquisition and development of skills.


Undoubtedly, yes. Please activate the "I want to become the organizer of the event" function in your profile and start the process of registering as an organizer without opening a special account for a legal entity. We have developed a special package of agreements, which can be found by clicking the following link https://www.skill.am/terms. Questions? Contact us at happytohelp@skill.am
Yes, because you have all the user rights. You can register and purchase tickets for all the events available on Skill without exception. You are on the right way, for the skill is the desire to constantly develop.
Skill allows event organizers to register and carry out both paid and free events.


The number of events is not limited and depends on the tariff plan.
We are always available. You need to simply suggest us a certain category and subcategory and, if it doesn’t contradict with other rules and documents regulating the activities of Skill, we will add the variant to our list as soon as possible.
You will need less than 10 minutes, in order to register your company on Skill and to start publishing events. These events will be available to users after you sign the agreement. Our courier will deliver to your office the "paper" version of the contract at any time convenient for you.

To create a new event,please log in or register.

The price of an event can be found in the event page. This section is available only to the event organizers.