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The event is organized with the assistance of the Academy of Brian Tracy /Russia/ and Brian Tracy International /USA/



Brian Tracy - # 1 expert on success in the world, an example of the highest personal effectiveness and leadership


Еach participant will write his goals for 5 years, identify the necessary resources and create their plan to achieve the goals in the following 5 years


Seminar includes 5 skills, the use of which provides a breakthrough in career, business and personal life.

During the seminar you will draw up an action plan for 5 years for the gradual fulfillment of goals in your career and personal life.

Brian Tracy will answer the following questions:

  • How to set the goal correctly
  • How to overcome internal barriers
  • Disclosure of internal potential
  • What skills need to be developed and how
  • How to make a breakthrough in business and life

Brian Tracy – world-famous trainer for success, personal effectiveness and motivation. He is in the top 10 most popular business coaches in America, Europe and Asia. Tracy advised 1,000 companies from the US, Canada and more than 70 countries. He worked with such multimillion-dollar companies as Coca Cola, Johnson & Johnson, HSBC, Pepsi Co International, IBM, Toyota, Bank of America, Nissan, Zales Corp., Ford, Suzuki, American Express, Ernst & Young.

His books, which are more than 70, became bestsellers and were translated into dozens of different languages. He recorded more than 300 audio and video training programs. Brian Tracy's book "Maximum Achievement" was included in the list of 50 classic books on motivation and leadership "50 Success Classics". Brian Tracy has a bachelor's degree in commerce, a master's degree, and is the president of Bryan Tracy International.


1 Step

How to choose
and set a goal:

  • - stages of selection and goal setting
  • - spheres of life to set goals in
  • - how to ensure motivation to achieve the goal
2 Step

How to overcome internal and external barriers:

  • - what barriers are there and where do they come from
  • - methods and techniques to overcome fears and barriers
  • - where and how to find courage and motivation to overcome yourself
3 Step

How to discover
your potential:

  • - your strengths and weaknesses
  • - how to determine your destination
  • - what skills and how to develop them quickly
4 Step

How to move towards the goal quickly

  • - what to do in order to move quickly towards the goal
  • - how to develop skills effectively
5 Step

Drawing up a plan for achieving the goals for 5 years:

  • - setting goals in career, finances, health, relationships
  • - development of an action plan on achieving the goals


5000 seminars, 5 mln participants


70 books translated into 42 languages


800 learning programs


1000 companies in 70 countries

We advise you to be sure to read the book by Brian Tracy

For the maximum result you can download the workbook intended for this seminar.

  • Standard

  • Business

  • Vip

Spend the weekend in Armenia with the legendary Brian Tracy

Armenia is one of the most wonderful countries in the world. As a mysterious country that made history for centuries, it moves in unison with world processes.

Armenia is rich in its ancient and diverse culture and has always stood out for its hospitable people. Armenians are always happy to receive guests and this time they also offer a meeting with the legendary Brian Tracy.

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