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About Skill


    Since you are reading this, I assume you already know that self-education is becoming a key skill of the present and you are always looking for those from whom you can learn. By creating this resource, we set out a goal to collect all the best teachers, trainers and masters of their craft on Skill. Maybe something else brought you here, and you are the one who is willing to share his skills and achievements with others. Write to us at team@skill.am.


    How often do you find yourself in a situation of choice? You have a goal and you know how to move forward to it, you clearly realize that the way is going through self-education and at this very moment you begin to look for opportunities. Our mission is to provide everyone an opportunity to acquire and develop professional and life skills. If you think you can help us with this, please write to team@skill.am.


    Long before the start of our project we’ve launched a blog about self-education and self-development, because we believe we have something to say on this topic. Skillblog is an online diary of our employees, bloggers’ articles and translations from foreign resources and blogs. Our goal is to be open and to provide readers with comprehensive information on the topic of self-education and skill-development. We work hard to make the articles clear, interesting and useful. Just subscribe to our newsletter.


    We thoroughly choose our partners and guarantee a full refund, if any of them for any reason cancels the event that you chose to participate.


    Skill is not a school or a training company. Skill is a community of people who definitely decided to become better through continuous learning. We ourselves are on this path and we will be glad to pass it together.


    We will be wherever you are. With this purpose, Skill created a Facebook page and a group with the same name. Subscribe our account on the Instagram, follow us on Linkedin. If you think this is not enough, write to us at team@skill.am and we will make a quick decision.

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